Die Explorer Cases Koffer wurden beim Test für die Zetifizierung den folgenden Prüfungen unterzogen:

  • - Test zur Temperaturbeständigkeit
  • - Vibrationstest
  • - Stoßfestigkeit
  • - IP67 Beurteilung (Staub, Wasser)


Demnach sind alle Explorer Cases Koffer folgenden Standards entsprechend:

  • - CEI EN 60529 (1997) + A1 (2000)  
  • - Defence Standard 81-41 (Part 3)/Issue 4 del 2000-06-23  
  • - STANAG 4280 (ed. 2) del 1999-02-08 (Fall, Erschütterung, extreme Temperaturen) 


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Garantieversprechen vom Hersteller:

We want you to count on Explorer Cases as the most reliable resource to carry your valuable equipment in the harshest environments. That’s why you can count FOREVER* on our cases warranty against breakage of materials and defects on workmanship that could affect the integrity of what you carry inside. After all, it is not by coincidence that all of our Explorer Cases have met the most rigorous military standard qualifications and are now so popular in extreme environments, no matter what human being, animal or fish you come across in your life journey.”